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Jason Sudeikis Upset About Wiig Send Off, Unsure of 'SNL' Future, Insiders Say | NY Daily News


The Daily News is reporting based on insider sources from the after-after party that Jason Sudeikis is unsure of his future at SNL. 

According to the insider, Sudeikis, who joined the show in 2003 as a writer and become an on-air staple in 2005, told a group of revelers (including his “very affectionate” girlfriend, Olivia Wilde) that “he wasn’t sure about staying or leaving.”

Their sources go on to say that “Andy is definitely leaving.” But here’s where things get really interesting …

One NBC source tells us that the water-cooler talk at the TV net’s 30 Rock headquarters on Monday was that Sudeikis, who had been on-air as long as Wiig, was betraying some anger. He’s said to be upset about “SNL” executive producer Lorne Michaels’ decision “to single out Kristen” for praise.

“They’ve never done anything like that for anyone,” says the source, who adds, “There’s always a first time — but they should have been fair to Jason and Andy.”

Fueling speculation about Sudeikis’ exit was his appearance onstage with a wet-eyed Wiig and Samberg at the first “SNL” after-party at Rockefeller Plaza.

Lorne has said Wiig is one of the top 4 performers in SNL’s history so it’s not surprising that they’d give her a big send off, especially if she had made a decision to move on. It’s a little odd that Sudeikis, who doesn’t appear sure about his future there, would be upset. Then there’s the whole Mitt Romney thing you have to consider, so all of this is sketchy rumor for now.

"They’ve never done anything like that for anyone,” says the source…"

This source is crap. Jimmy Fallon got a big send off and so did Phil Hartman. Sure, they didn’t have Mick Jagger, but they definitely got a big goodbye. And if anyone should be pissed, it’s Darrell Hammond.