Have You Met Miss Jones?



Those of you who’ve been following us for a while know the love we have for the amazing book trailer Nina LaCour and her friends created for her latest novel, THE DISENCHANTMENTS, which came out in February. But THE DISENCHANTMENTS was not Nina’s first book, nor was the trailer for THE DISENCHANTMENTS her first book trailer. In fall of 2009, Nina’s debut novel, HOLD STILL, was published to great acclaim (it was even a Morris Award finalist!), and she and her very talented friends (seriously, so jealous of how brilliant they are) did a trailer for that book, too! You can watch it here.

Cut to now (get it? because we’re talking about movies?)—Nina and her friends are going to shoot a HOLD STILL movie! But they need some help, so they’re working on funding the film through Kickstarter. Click the link to learn more about Nina, the book, the cast, and more!