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Apr 3

Theon shook his head from left to right.
She grunted and wielded the knife in a very agile manner. Theon remembered seeing her throwing knives during practice. She was accurate and constant. He protected himself with his forearm. The cut hurt, but he aimed for her with the bow. The arrow got her in the neck. She had time to throw the knife before blood came out of her mouth. It got Theon in the leg. Biting the inside of his cheeks not to scream, he pulled the blade out of his skin and continued his way to the woods, much more slowly than before.
Once he reached the trees, he stopped running. He tried to walk, but the pain was too bad. Limping, he miraculously found a hideout. He went down a slope. There was a burrow carved in the hill itself, out of sight for anyone on the slope. If someone else came down, Theon would hear them and have enough time to get ready. If anyone came from the other direction, well, Theon hoped it didn’t happen.

Theon sit in his hideout. I killed Daenerys, but I had to. Just like I have to kill anyone else. He didn’t want to look at his leg.

He remembered these afternoons spent alone in his room, just looking at the sky by his large windows. His parents were busy, and his sister didn’t want to be with him.
At that time, he thought he was lonely. But he had been wrong.
Right now, in the arena, he was lonely. He could have accepted Daenerys’ offer. After all, she was with this big guy, Drogo. But he didn’t. And he was lonely

And the sun was going down.


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You guys, Hunger Games Of Thrones Fan Fic is real and it’s happening. There are 12 chapters of awesome. I tip my hat to the author… and slow clap.