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Now I’m just going to help Julian Fellowes write the tagline for season three: Incest is coming.

- via my recap of Downton Abbey on New Now Next

I created Downton Dillon. 
(via NewNowNext)

I created Downton Dillon. 

(via NewNowNext)

You guys, I have a confession. Every night, I pray to the god of Downton, showrunner Julian Fellowes, and I beseech him to write off Edith, or at the very least, make her a mute. She struggles with finding purpose in this episode until she gets a pat on the back for being a good librarian. One can only hope she ends up buried under a giant stack of books.

- via my Downton Abbey Recap

Jan 9

When we last left our favorite well-run yet amazingly dysfunctional household, we saw big changes afoot for the Crawleys and their staffers as patriarch Lord Grantham declared that Britain was at war with Germany – just a little skirmish we know now as World War I. After that premiere, it’s obvious nothing will ever be the same –except for the Laura Linney intros.

- my Downton Abbey recap. I call Edith a virgin who can’t drive.