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Now I’m just going to help Julian Fellowes write the tagline for season three: Incest is coming.

- via my recap of Downton Abbey on New Now Next

The future is upon the ladies of Downton, and the Dowager Countess is not feeling it whatsoever. As she so wonderfully stated, she would rather stay on a chaise lounge than adapt to any of the new trends. Sybil, of course, is the exact opposite, which is not surprising, because girl has been known to rock a mean pair of genie pants. Mary too, is open to change. She sounds like a fashion editor who just came back from the Paris shows and is now questioning their entire style aesthetic. I imagine if Mary were around today, she would have sounded like this: “You guys, all the French women are rocking short hair now. Get me locks of love immediately, because the whole looking like a boy things is going to be huge this fall and I NEED to be ahead of this whole Albert Nobbs trend.’

- via my Downton Recap on NewNowNext